Work History

PlotWatt, NC, USA (2012)

PlotWatt is a tech startup aiming to help people better understand their energy consumption. By disaggregating a household's electricity usage into individual appliances, they're able to offer personalised recommendations to help consumers reduce the cost of their utility bills. My internship was focused upon exactly these disaggregation algorithms, and involved the design and implementation of an algorithm to calculate the energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers.

The PlotWatt energy dashboard

University of Southampton, UK (2010)

This internship was supervised by Alex Rogers, and included work on two projects. The first involved working on the iDEaS project to create GridCarbon, an Android app to track the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid. The second project involved some programming for the FigureEnergy system, a web app empowering consumers to manage their electricity consumption. 

Left: GridCarbon Android app. Right: FigureEnergy electricity management system.

University of Southampton, UK (2009)

This internship was supervised by Mark Weal, and included writing two pieces of eye tracking software. The first involved the processing of real-time eye tracking data, while the second involved the development of an eye tracking data analysis tool. The software I created was used by researchers in the Nursing & Midwifery department to aid the annotation of videos of student nurses.

The eye tracking analysis tool I created