Academic Work

My PhD focused on the ways in which machine learning techniques can be used to break down household electricity data into individual appliances. My supervisors were Prof Alex Rogers and Dr Mark Weal, and my PhD was funded by the ALADDIN Project, although my work was more tightly linked to the ORCHID Project.

I write a blog which covers recent advancements in the field energy disaggregation in both academia and industry. Here are a few of the most interesting posts:

New Forest Cicada Project

I have also worked on the New Forest Cicada Project. The New Forest Cicada is the only cicada native to the UK. During May to July it sings with a very characteristic high-pitched song which is at the limits of human hearing. Sightings of the cicada within the New Forest date back to 1812, but the last unconfirmed sighting was in 2000. However, it's quite likely that colonies remain undiscovered in less visited parts of the forest. The New Forest Cicada Project aims to equip the millions of visitors to the forest with a smart phone app that can detect and recognise the song of the cicada, and hopes to rediscover it in 2013.

Promoting the project at the Science and Engineering Open Day


I've made my NIALM reference library public which can be accessed via the Mendeley public group.


I have previously reviewed for the following venues:

    • International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    • AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    • ACM e-Energy
    • ACM BuildSys
    • Scientific Data
    • IEEE Pervasive Computing
    • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
    • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
    • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
    • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
    • International Workshop on Non-intrusive Load Monitoring


I have previously demonstrated in the following undergraduate Computer Science labs:

    • Programming 1 - This course takes an 'objects first' approach to teaching programming through Java
    • Web design - This course introduces web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript


I have helped organise the following conferences: